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Monday, July 8, 2013

Dual Language Resources - What's Out There?

I am really excited to have had the chance to discover a few blogs/resources out there that are amazing. This time, I broaden my search and looked for what PARENTS are doing to raise bilingual children, and the resources are really great.

One of my favorites is http://spanglishbaby.com I have visited this page a few times and I am both impressed by the quality of the posts and the resources it provides to parents that are raising bilingual children. Take a minute to visit that site, you will for sure find it helpful.

This month, spanglishbaby.com is featuring a series of books written in Spanish. I (myself) have been amazed by the posts as I was not familiar with many of the books they are featuring on the site. One of the books featured is, "Cuadros de Familia."

Doing some research about this book, I found an INCREDIBLE thematic unit to be used with this book. It is really well written and whether you are a teacher or not you may find some great suggestions. Click on the highlighted words, and it will take you directly to the standards based thematic unit.

I would love to hear if you have used this book in your classroom and HOW you have used it.

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