Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What It Means to be a Contributor – Writing for Spanglishbaby.com

“There are things you imagine and then things you dream.”
(They are not the same though I cannot explain the difference).

Things are better when you share them with others.

A few weeks back I decided to start my blogging journey. I felt I needed to share and hear from others who either teach or are raising children to be ‘world citizens.’ As a new dual language teacher, I had and still have many questions. On one hand, I have to create many of the resources I use/will be using and on the other hand learn to effectively share my knowledge in my native language. I did a lot of research both online and at my local library – I wanted to know what I needed to do to be successful blogger.

My first task was to find a purpose: Why would I be writing? What motivates me to write? This one was a no-brainer as I am on the quest for more knowledge (either shaped by my own experiences or what I learn/learned from others).

Then,I thought about my audience: Who will be reading my posts? What would this audience want to know?

Finally, I brainstormed different ways to make my blog visible: How will my blog show up on an Internet search? Will it actually show up? (I did not want to write to a ‘ghost’ audience.)

Here is where I happened to stumble upon Spanglishbaby.com and Latinabloggersconnect.com. After countless hours on the computer (and I mean countless), I came across a post on LBC. Here I reached to Ana Flores. At first a few emails went back and forth, then a phone call, and then…the unexpected happened. Talking to Ana about what my purpose as a blogger was seemed to somehow match what she was looking for at the time. More emails were exchanged and then I was writing for Spanglishbaby.com.

Spanglish Baby Contributor

I am honored to say the least. Honored at the fact that someone would trust ‘this’ individual (me) to post for a site that has build its reputation over the years and thanks to the hard work of those who are part of La Familia. I am sure I come across as the overly thankful person (thank you at the beginning, end, and through out emails), but I can live with that.

At this point, I feel I have a very serious commitment to those who read my posts. I have the obligation to bring forward my best writing and with that my experiences as a teacher as well. Rest re-assured that this new partnership would only make me more intentional about what I write and definitely about what I do as a dual-language teacher.

Have you stumbled upon something that you only dreamed about? I would love to readwhat that is.


  1. We're even more grateful to have you! Your voice is certainly needed and will be of so much value for our community. Happy to do this together!

  2. We are all elated to have you and your expertise at SB! Ana and Roxana are two of the best in the blogging world (in my humble opinion :) and, as a long time SB Contributor, I have never once regretted a moment of work I have done for them and this amazing cause. Congrats and welcome!

  3. We love having you, Kelly! Thanks for your wonderful posts so far!


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