Learning in Two Languages : Non-Fiction Text Features Unit (Spanish)/Características de textos informativos

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Non-Fiction Text Features Unit (Spanish)/Características de textos informativos

Common Core State Standards Aligned

To say that I have been writing non-stop will be an understatement. In fact, I have been busy not only writing but organizing and putting together my latest reading unit: Non-Fiction Text Features. I had been working on this for a while, and thanks to Winter Break I was able to finally tie all loose ends and make it available for other teachers/educators to use.

I am proud to say that I consider this unit to be my best one yet. It is really detailed and contains all one may need to teach text features and their purposes to children. But that is not all...the unit is ENTIRELY written in Spanish as well. There is no guessing, no translating, it is ALL done for  you.

And one last thing, everything that I post on my TPT page or here, has actually been used in my classroom. I do not create things so they look pretty, I make them because my students need them. I hope those who use the unit find it as useful as I did.

Here are a few pictures of my interactive reading journal. Enjoy!

Some of the printables you will find in the unit. Did I mention it is perfectly aligned with the Common Core State Standards?

This is an example of the text feature titles and subtitles

Table of contents. Each journal I (and my students) use in my class has a table of contents. This way they get 'real life' experience with it.

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