Learning in Two Languages : Top 3 Summer Readings for Teachers: A Three-Part Series

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 3 Summer Readings for Teachers: A Three-Part Series

Summer time is the perfect "time" to catch up on professional readings and here I am sharing 3 books that I have fallen in love reading. I have been reading these three books interchangeably - picking one book one day and another one the following day. I have been taking notes around the margins, adding sticky notes and jotting down a list of ideas for the upcoming school year.
In this post I am only sharing the books and giving a quick overview about them; however,  in the upcoming days I will be unpacking each one of them and giving you a really detailed insight.

Pick Number One: Notice and Note by Beers and Probst

With all the buzz about close reading and the Common Core State Standards, I had to get my hands into this book. The books does an amazing job explaining what close reading is and what IS NOT. Each chapter is full of ideas and step-by-step lessons to demonstrate the strategies (I even made some posters with my class to depict each one of them. I got the book towards the end of the school year, but this Summer I made it a priority to finish it).

Pick Number Two: Chart Sense by Linder
My love for anchor charts is NOT new, but I knew I had to refresh my knowledge and add more 'zing and kick' to what I was already doing. The author of this book presents plenty of charts with step-by-step guides (suggested lessons) to introduce them. I have to admit it, I am a very challenged artist, yet the charts in this books are easy to make, yet SO useful and purposeful.

Pick Number Three: Word Nerds by Overturf, Montgomery and Smith

If we as teachers are expecting children to learn NEW and meaningful words (tier 2 and even tier 3), we need to redesign how we teach vocabulary. Asking children to look up words in the dictionary has little to no effect on long term learning. I am ENJOYING so much this book, that I am already full of ideas of how I am going to twist and approach vocabulary instruction.
Over the next three weeks, I will be sharing tons of tips and ideas from what I have been reading. The posts will be as follow:

Part I: Notice and Note by Beers and Probst
Part II: Chart Sense by Linder
Part III: Word Nerds by Overturf, Montgomery and Smith

So, what are you reading this Summer? What are your favorite professional development books?

*The opinions expressed in this post are completely my own. I have not been compensated by anyone including the publisher or any other distribution channels.  

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